Kelley & Conley Family Rally For Support to Reclaim African American Museum

Leaders and the community gather Tuesday evening in the alleyways of our local African American historical cultural museum, to support a community cause of  Reclaiming the museum. Aiming to collaborate with active board members in pursuit to remove current board president Julia D. Najieb.

A protest led and inspired by CEO Adrian Harris of FresnoVibe/ Fresno Wall Street. This action was motivated by a statement that the Najiebs released through their ONME news media source. In their statement comments were made mentioning multiple leaders, in ways to them that were unpleasant and unappreciated.  Harris one of the mentioned, chose to respond, leading to Tuesdays call of action.

Amongst the crowd, our museum founding families, children and grandchildren in disarray of this truth. Words of inspiration from Granddaughter  La Keisha Kittrell who reminds us of the love, sweat & tears her grandparents contributed to the community.

The museum houses 100's of historic photographs, artifacts, & memorabilia dating back from 1880 in the san Joaquin valley from African Americans in or from the central valley. The historical exhibits represents those African Americans excelling in Law, politics, education, health, agriculture, community advocacy & many others. The family is concerned with the lack of integrity and compassion towards their family legacy. "This site is disconnected from the community, the leadership is irresponsive and irresponsible."  They are afraid of where the museum will end up if she remains in power. They are asking the community, to stand with them!

Furthermore the community heard from local neighbors and community members such as Vernon King, Camille Waters expressing the importance to uphold and keep our museum sustainable for years to come. Sabrina Kelley reminds us her grandparents & family were Canadian immigrants who came to live a better life and preserve the history  & culture of African Americans. Arriving in 1942 men like Clifford & Jack Kelley were the first African American architect and police officer in city of Fresno..

Harris has collaborated with our founding families and is petitioning Julia to step down. In addition plans are to connect with the current board and members to work together in her immediate removal. In the light of love pastor Linear Atkins led us with a word of prayer. The community was encouraged to be consistent, the family was uplifted in knowing their family legacy and contributions will live for years to come. The work is just beginning.

"Thats how we do it in the black community, we give back to the people that made us who we are. we never forget that"  - Snoop Dogg

Written By Tanisha Sorrell

To sign the petition and join this call of action please call 559.905.3089 or

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