It's always three sides to every story. His side, their side, and the TRUTH

For those inquiring about the Vibe Soul Lounge and its origins and the creative minds behind it, here's the story:

In September 2013 Fresno Vibe launches its business which is based on photography and events. Everyone loved the events and the pictures that were taken. Fresno Vibe blew up, and the people in Fresno begin to use Vibe’s services widely.

In March 2014 Javon and Jazmyne Davis launched the first Vibe Soul Lounge. The following month they brought on Dennis Horn to help and be a support on the business side. The originators of the Vibe Soul Lounge, Javon and Jazmyne became aware that there were already “Vibe” events happening and they had planned to collaborate with Fresno Vibe to work collectively and bring a new and chill crowd out together.

Dennis was having meetings with the venue owner, but little did Jovan know that behind his back Dennis created contracts snatching the business away from them. At this time Javon was busy with other engagements out of town, and was unable to make the meetings in which he entrusted Dennis to participate in with integrity.

There is proof and people who attest to this story and stand firm that Dennis Horn is NOT in fact the creator of the event and name “Vibe Soul Lounge”.

Keon Traylor “I was there when Javon and his wife came up the the name and the show. He brought in Dennis to just help and support on the business side”.

Javon Davis “I started Vibe Soul Lounge. I saw Dennis at church and ask him and a whole bunch of other people if they wanted to help, and Dennis said he’d wanted to help. I still have the flyers before I made that mistake.”

Jasmyne Davis “Even before we started Vibe Soul Lounge I remember seeing the Vibe pictures and events, and I told my husband maybe this will be conflicting with FresnoVibe, and he said no because we can just bring Adrian on as a partner”.

Months prior Adrian Harris CEO of Fresno Vibe tried on many occasions to have meetings with Dennis Horn to come up with ideas of how they could collaborate and do business together to shut down any conflict or bad feelings. But Dennis refused to work with Fresno Vibe and accused Adrian of theft and using bad business practices. Which was very interesting upon finding out that Dennis is in fact NOT the creator of the name or the event “Vibe Soul Lounge”. So he isn't in any position to give anyone permission to use the name or accuse anyone of stealing it. “Nobody likes a thief” indeed, but you’d actually have to own or create something yourself in order to accuse someone of stealing that thing from you. Everything always comes full circle, trust and believe when you don't do right by your people Karma will find a way to pay you in full.

As a brand strategist and business owner, it is imperative to register your business and have a fictitious business license. As Fresno Vibe has done with the Vibe Soul Lounge & VIBE with multiple businesses listed under corporation. 

As a community we lose the passion and fire for things, and instead of passing the torch to the next person or organization who wants to continue on with an idea or creative event, we allow each other to stand in stagnation. No one has done anything with the Vibe Soul Lounge in 2 years. Dennis has moved on to another event with a different name, which is puzzling as to why he’s so upset about someone else using the name of an event that he’s not promoting anymore and never was the creator of in the first place.

Nothing is new under the sun, someone is always in the background watching and waiting for their chance to be a part of something great. We have to be careful in choosing the people we do business with. Not everyone who smiles and calls themselves a brother or a friend are true to those titles. Always remember to do everything in integrity, and remember even things done in secret will surface and be exposed. There’s enough for us all to eat, the Black Community is known for having a scarcity mindset and trying to bring the next man down in fear that one person will be free and they won’t. We are not crabs in a bucket! Pull your brother up and work together so that you can succeed together.

The original creators Javon and Jazmyne Davis have given Fresno Vibe their blessing on the grand opening of the “Vibe Soul Lounge” at Kocky’s on February 2, 2019. They are excited to work together with the CEO of Fresno Vibe and have agreed to make special appearances and perform on occasions. From the beginning Fresno Vibe’s goal and intentions have always been to collaborate with the Vibe Soul Lounge. Fresno Vibe prides itself in creating jobs, and helping entrepreneurs in the community gain success. Fresno Vibe would like to extend an invitation to ALL of the people who were involved and participated in the “Vibe Soul Lounge” to come and work together collectively to make our community night life a safe, fun, and friendly environment.

Written by Chera Mitchell "The CoCo Goddess"

Edited by: Final Look Editing 

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