Honoring Keeza Kwanzi McCoy a True Black Magical Woman on this 16th day of February

Keeza was born and raised in Fresno California, she grew up in a pro black household surrounded by positive black images.  She was raised to love herself, her blackness and her african culture.  She is driven to instill the self-love and self confidence that she grew up having in the Black African youth today. She strives to implement into our youth to look in the mirror and see their beauty; to see the beauty in being black. 

She is one of four owners of an African Centered School called Sankofa School Central California L.L.C. whose mission is to provide an african centered viewpoint in all aspects of life. 

She is also one of the coordinators for Fresno Community Kwanzaa Celebration.  She was raised celebrating Kwanzaa; an African American holiday built on seven principles pf upliftment of the Black Community.  She is inspired to uplift her African American Culture in celebrating ourselves to the fullest by keeping our holiday alive and teaching our youth the truth about their African History.

If you would like to meet and celebrate with Keeza McCoy, we are thrilled to invite you to celebrate with us at our All Black Affair – Black Magical Award event on February 29th at Smugglers Banquet at 7 pm.

Purchase Tickets here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/all-black-affair-bmw-awards-tickets-92...

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