Honoring Black Magical Women for Black History Month

Black women are dreamers & non negotiable risk takers, resilient by design and fearless beyond the stereotypes. Black women have always been the force in any movement, from women like Mary Curry, Gwen Morris, Clara Smith, to modern-day Queens, such as Janice Sumler, Keshia Thomas,  Kimberly Tapscott-Munson, Tiffany Magnum and our forever head queen in charge, Laneesha Senegal who effortlessly aims to promote and influence her fellow black women. 

In honor of the countless women beyond the headlines doing the work, everyday without the Fanfare. Women who spent decades helping restore school systems and communities of color. Women who spend countless hours fighting for Equal Housing opportunities, restorative justice, and every day opportunities to change the lives of families everyday.

Through years of local commitment and civic engagement, these women are trailblazing, forcing a light and blueprint for women to come. Through various fields and communities, these women are enhancing educational & political systems, representing minorities and proving misrepresentation wrong, these inspired women are bridging generational gaps, staying true to the WORK & demonstrating what it looks like, to change the game through dedication. 

Black magical women may seem new to you, just know the power within, is rooted at its core & our journeys are predestined. Must we always remember the women before us, that paved the way for the trenches we endure. As the work was done, the work is to be continued. These women, are keeping the magic in rotation, fulfilling the cultural obligation at an all time high.

Black, a woman, and Magical >> Triple Threat anyone... 

On Saturday, February 29th, Fresno Vibe presents All Black Affair honoring Black Magical Women in Fresno who has spread their magic throughout Fresno. Event will take place at Smugglers Banquet Hall.  We will have live entertainment by Cho'co'lat Sol Band, alcohol and Taco Bar Catered by Smugglers. Magazines will also be available for purchase. We expect for everyone to come in their best all black attire. 

Meet and Greet                                7pm-8pm                                          

Dinner                                             8pm-8:30pm

Awards                                            8:40pm

Entertainment/Awards                      9:30-11:30pm

Ticket Price: $25

Table of 10: $250.00

Wallstreet Magazine: $10        


Written By Tanisha Sorrell                                     

Don't settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had. We need to live the best that's in us. 

- Angela Bassett   

Honring a Black Magical Woman everyday in February Stay Tuned....

Keshia Thomas
Janice/Cheryl Sumler 
Keeza McCoy 
Regina Williams 
Viva Straughter
Rena Price
Inez Hill 
Karla Kirk 
Elisha Henderson 
Anita Paggett
Kimberly Tapscott-Munson 
Tanisha Sorrell
Laneesha Senegal 
Lisa Nichols 
Shantay Davies-Balch
Sonya Wilson 
Mikki Addison 
Latasha Medlock-Jones
Julie Valentine
Latisha Harris 
Tiffany Magnum 
Sharhonda Mahan 
Lynnette Brown
Angela Scott
Mahogany May 
Kizzy Lopez 
Garbralle Conroe
Kina McFadden 


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