After reaching capacity 5 weeks in a row at the Vibe Soul Lounge, Fresno is not one of the worst cities to start a Business.

In a recent article posted by CNBC, Fresno was listed as one of the worst places to start a business. After launching the Vibe Soul Lounge on February 2nd the CEO Adrian Harris knew he had his hands tied to ensure the overall success of the Lounge.

In a recent interview Adrian Harris stated,  “Fresno is a gold mine you actually have to live here to know what industries to go into, these analyst and critics that say Fresno is the worst place to start a business are just looking at statistics and numbers on a paper. To know Fresno you first have to Love it.”

Sources say the Vibe Soul Lounge has the potential to be one of the Greatest places to visit in the Central Valley as the CEO Adrian Harris is already making plans to take it to another level with the help of Kocky’s owners Mike & James.

To everyone’s surprise, after all the backlash during the launch of the Vibe Soul Lounge the event has had great numbers consistently for the past five weeks. Every Saturday after the grand opening people have been turned away at the door because the event has reached capacity. The crowd has been pretty diverse every week and a lot of the supporters have become regulars.

The Vibe Soul Lounge is a place where you can sit and have a delicious dinner, listen to some of your favorite R&B and Neo Soul music from our Lovely hostess Chera the CoCo Goddess, enjoy a cocktail, have good conversation, and maybe even dance.

Every week Vibe has come up with special themes for the event such as; 90’s edition, Tribute to Nina Simone and a Love Jones Tribute. People are really excited about what Vibe is doing for the mature crowd and look forward to attending event every weekend. Attendees are encouraged to reserve a table in advance and to come early as the door closes early due to capacity.

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