Against all odds Vibe 30/40 Club Grand Opening was a success!

With so many events going on Friday night: the Big Fresno Fair, motorcycle run, Kocky’s and Fulton 55. The Grand Opening of Vibe 30/40 Club every First Friday of the month was still successful. It was a big night for FresnoVibe as they celebrated their 5th year in Business as well as celebrate the CEO of FresnoVibe, Adrian Harris and Community Leader, Jennifer White birthday.

Many people showed up to the 30/40 Club to enjoy a full experience from the casino, restaurant and Club. Local community leaders and politicians Tate HillEric Payne, Daren Miller, Keshia Thomas showed up to show their support as Adrian Harris gave each one of them the platform on stage to raise awareness about the upcoming election Nov 6th and their candidacy. 

Other business owners showed up to show their support as well from Mike and James owners of Kocky's Bar & Grill, Seasoned Trends owner Clinay Willis, Vision View Business Center owner Laneesha Senegal as well many other professionals from doctors to lawyers and nurses.

If you would like to celebrate with us Nov 2nd Contact us ASAP 559-905-3089

Stay tuned as FresnoVibe prepare for Nov 2nd as well as our Upcoming Seafood and Crab Fest November 3rd

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Comment by Adrian Harris on October 7, 2018 at 10:38pm


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